bi-weekly garbage set-out — how would that work in practice?

Bi-weekly garbage set-out:  it sounds nice on paper:  it should motivate people to recycle more, extend the life of our landfill and cut municipal solid waste collection costs.  But how would that work in reality?  For a family of four?  Throughout a really hot summer, like the one we just had?

The answer is:  great.  Every other week, I got to take a break from taking out the trash! 

If you look back to one of my early posts “How Much Each Week”, you will see that I tracked how much and what type of garbage and recycling I set out each week from April 2012 through to the end of October 2012.  I went back every week and updated that same post.

As you can see, throughout that entire period, I set out garbage only every second week and recycling, of some sort, every week. 

Over that seven-month period, on the weeks that I put garbage to the curb, I generally only put out one garbage can, with the following exceptions:  an extra furnace filter (three times), old furniture (twice) and an extra bag (once).  Even though I put out garbage every two weeks, only, the garbage volumes stayed reasonable.

This bodes well for the rest of the city in the coming year.