green match ended yesterday, trash match ended today, 0-0 for both…should I go into playoffs? See also game stats and conclusions

game stats and conclusions

OK, so even though they say that there are lies, damned lies, and then there are statistics, I’ll do some number crunching on the scores from my friendly competition with Mr. Racoon.  Please see my previous post, game on, for an explanation of this competition.

The green bin was out with waste in it for a total of 21 nights.  Of those nights, the racoon successfully opened the green bin on 2 of those nights.  It knocked over the bin, but didn’t get at the waste on 4 additional nights.  The racoon visited a total of 6 nights.  The nights that the racoon was successful, I had forgotten to secure the green bin lid with bungee cords;  on each night that I was successful, I had remembered the bungee cords.

It’s interesting to note that the garbage can (which I store right next to the green bin) had trash in it on 4 of the 6 days the racoon visited, but the racoon only attempted to get at the contents of the garbage can on one of those 4 days.  That was the racoon’s only attempt at getting at the trash in the garbage can (compared to 6 attempts in total for the green bin).  Also, the garbage can had trash in it for a total of 24 nights (3 nights more than the green bin), and the garbage was there longer…a record of 12 days without the racoon showing interest in it.

In conclusion, if I divert organic waste to the green bin, the racoon likewise diverts its attention from the regular garbage can.

Do you use the green bin?  Have you noticed a similar drop-off in any pest’s interest in the non-recyclable trash?


* * *

the raw data:

Green Game

  • Match 1:  Start Apr. 15, 2012  ran 3 nights, score:  0-0    
  • Match 2: Start Apr. 20, 2012  ran 6 nights, score:  Racoon 1, Me 0 
  • Match 3: Start Apr. 27, 2012   ran 6 nights, score:  Racoon 1, Me 2 (Mr. Racoon attempted to get in the bin twice in one day, but I’m only counting that as one of my points)     
  • Match 4: Start May 7, 2012    ran 2 nights, score:  Racoon 0, Me 2
  • Match 5: Start May 12, 2012  ran 4 nights, score:  Racoon 0, Me 0                              

Trash Game

  • Match 1:   Start Apr. 15, 2012  ran 3 nights, score: 0-0
  • Match 2:   Start Apr. 20, 2012  ran 13 nights, score: Racoon 1, Me 0 (Mr. Racoon didn’t score a point until the last day)
  • Match 3:   Start May 9, 2012    ran 8 nights, score: 0-0

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