game on!

The neighbourhood raccoons, squirrels and flies’ love affair with my garbage predates the green bin program.  I’m starting to outsmart them. 

For the next five weeks, I’ll keep track of how successful I am with keeping pests out of the garbage can and green bin–I keep both receptacles outdoors.  Sometimes they stay empty for days after garbage pickup.  The day that I first put garbage in the receptacle, it’s game on.  If the animal tries to get at the garbage, but wasn’t successful:  one point for me.  If the animal, usually racoon, gets into the garbage:  one point for Raccoon.  I can potentially have two games running at once:  Green Bin Game and Garbage Can Game, but they won’t always start and stop at the same time.  When I put the bin or can to the road, the match ends. 

Starting April 15th, 2012,  it’s game on for the green bin and the garbage (trash) can.  I’ll keep a running tally on this page, with updates on Twitter.

Green Game

  • Match 1:  Start Apr. 15, 2012  ran 3 nights, score:  0-0    
  • Match 2: Start Apr. 20, 2012  ran 6 nights, score:  Racoon 1, Me 0 
  • Match 3: Start Apr. 27, 2012   ran 6 nights, score:  Racoon 1, Me 2 (Mr. Racoon attempted to get in the bin twice in one day, but I’m only counting that as one of my points)     
  • Match 4: Start May 7, 2012    ran 2 nights, score:  Racoon 0, Me 2
  • Match 5: Start May 12, 2012  ran 4 nights, score:  Racoon 0, Me 0                              

Trash Game

  • Match 1:   Start Apr. 15, 2012  ran 3 nights, score: 0-0
  • Match 2:   Start Apr. 20, 2012  ran 13 nights, score: Racoon 1, Me 0 (Mr. Racoon didn’t score a point until the last day)
  • Match 3:   Start May 9, 2012    ran 8 nights, score: 0-0

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